The 4 Best Prescription Swim Goggles

Swimming is a great sport that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone. However, having nearsighted vision reduces your ability to see clearly in the water, impacting the swimming experience. As a competitive swimmer with a diopter nearing -7 in both eyes, my eyesight became pretty detrimental to my practices and races. I struggled to decode the clock for intervals, to read the sets on the board, to find my time on the board, to see the swimmers around me, and to even accurately pinpoint the distance I had to the wall. I was considering turning to contacts. If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably had similar experiences.

However, all is not lost! Prescription swim goggles are amazing devices that can easily correct myopic vision. Putting on my first pair and getting to see clearly in the water again was a relief. Of course, as with any swim gear, many brands produce a variety of prescription swim goggles. Based on personal experience and research, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 best prescription goggles based on factors such as comfort, optics, durability, cost, and speed to help find the right pair for you.

Prescription Swim GogglesCheck Price
Sporti S2 Antifog Optical GogglesSwimOutlet
Mirrored: SwimOutlet
Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Optical GogglesSwimOutlet
Mirrored: SwimOutlet
TYR Corrective Optical GogglesSwimOutlet
Zionor G7 Optical GogglesAmazon

1. Sporti S2 Antifog Optical Goggles

Sporti S2 Antifog Prescription Goggles

– inexpensive
– interchangeable nose piece
– mirrored version
– comfortable
– decent antifog

– none!

The first pick on our list of the best prescription goggles is the Sporti S2 goggles, which comes in at under $10 and nearly half the price of any other pick on the list. Therefore, it’s the budget pick, but it definitely doesn’t feel like one.

The Sporti S2 goggles are available in diopters from -1.5 to -8.0. They come with 3 interchangeable nose pieces of varying sizes. Also, Sporti is one of three picks – the others being Zionor and Speedo – to offer the mirrored version (along with the clear and smoked). This is great for outdoor swimmers who need the sun protection along with the optical correction.

Wearing the Sporti S2 goggles is comfortable and feels very similar to wearing Vanquishers, which are pricier. The antifog works well out of the box, but just be careful not to rub at the inside or else it’ll wear off fast. Durability is excellent as well; it’s rare, but possible, for elements like the strap and nose piece to break. The S2 goggles are, despite its deceiving price, a quality product.

If your eyes have very different diopters, consider buying two pairs and swapping lens – it’s fairly easy to do and is absolutely worth it. Overall, the Sporti S2 goggles are quite surprising and definitely worth a try.

2. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Optical Goggles

Speedo Vanquisher Prescription Goggles

– interchangeable nose piece
– junior version
– comfortable
– decent antifog
– trusted quality

– same design as S2, but pricier

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 optical goggles are the second pick on the list and are essentially a slightly improved version of the Sporti S2 goggles. For a somewhat greater price, the Vanquisher includes the same features of the S2 and looks and feels like a very similar pair of goggles.

The Speedo Vanquishers are available in diopters from -1.5 to -8.0. It also comes with 4 interchangeable nose pieces and is available in clear, smoked, and mirrored versions, as well as a junior model which better fits swimmers between 6-14 years old. As with the S2, lenses are modular.

The silicone gaskets and strap are quite comfortable and the antifog works well (don’t rub). Field of view and optics are excellent. Now, although I have a fair bit of experience with the Vanquisher and the S2, it truly is hard to differentiate between the two pairs of goggles. Why does the Vanquisher make the list then?

Well, the Speedo Vanquisher goggles are one of the most popular practice and racing swim goggles of all time, and they were featured as the budget pick in our best racing goggle list. The optical version retains the same great design and quality. Personally, they’ve been my practice pair of choice for many years running. If you like the Speedo brand and trust more in the quality of the product, you might be willing to pay a touch extra over the Sporti S2.

3. TYR Corrective Optical Goggles

TYR Corrective Prescription Goggles

– interchangeable nose piece
– comfortable TPR gaskets
– easy to adjust strap

– antifog rubs off easily

Third on the list are the TYR Corrective optical goggles. They are slightly more expensive than the Speedo Vanquishers at the ~$20 range and have several design differences that separate them from both the Sporti S2 and Speedo Vanquisher.

TYR’s prescription goggles are available in diopters between -2.0 and -8.0. It comes with an adjustable nose bridge and is available in clear or smoked versions. The lenses are interchangeable so purchasing two pairs to compensate for diopter differences between eyes is possible, though slightly more difficult than on the Vanquisher.

TYR uses TPR, or thermoplastic rubber, for the gaskets and lenses. These feel, in my opinion, slightly more comfortable than the Vanquisher’s and S2’s gaskets, though the difference is minor. They also do seem to be marginally larger than the previous picks, which might also be a comfort/fit factor to consider. A final advantage in TYR’s prescription goggle design are the snap-lock side clips, which makes adjusting the length of the strap faster than with other goggles and are especially great for younger swimmers.

The one downside is that TYR’s antifog on their prescription goggles don’t seem to work quite as well as Sporti’s, Speedo’s, or Zionor’s, and can wear off quickly. Therefore, consider purchasing anti-fog spray or go with the good ol’ spit technique. Other than that, TYR’s Corrective optical goggles are high quality, durable, and will change your swimming experience.

4. Zionor G7 Optical Goggles

Zionor Prescription Goggles

– very comfortable
– carrying bag
– mirrored option
– excellent antifog
– very durable

– pricey
– nose piece is fixed
– no clear option
– bulky, not as competitive

Zionor takes the final spot with their G7 optical goggles. Though a lesser-known brand, Zionor makes good quality swim gear and their prescription goggles do carry the highest price of the bunch. The G7 prescription goggles are very different from the other picks and should be considered.

The Zionor G7 is available in diopters from -2.0 to -7.0. However, it does lack the -5.5 option which the other goggles do have. The goggles are the only to not come with an interchangeable nose bracket, but do arrive with a handy carrying bag. Also, the G7 is only available in the smoked or mirrored options (no clear).

Let’s start with the good. The Zionor G7 is super comfortable, even without an interchangeable nose piece; it really seems to be one size fits all. The gaskets are bigger than on the other picks and don’t dig in whatsoever. Also, the antifog may very well be the best of the bunch. It works well initially and for many swims after that. Finally, the goggles are also very durable – another aspect that tops the list.

However, I have trouble recommending the Zionor G7 prescription goggles for racing. First of all, they’re a little more bulky compared to goggles like the Speedo Vanquisher, and it’s less common to see competitive swimmers sporting these at important meets. I also have a hard time trusting the fit of the G7 versus popular goggles like the Vanquisher. But, if you’re willing to try them out or just want to use prescription goggles for training purposes, this is a nonissue and the Zionor G7 becomes a very attractive pair for you.


With these rankings in mind, hopefully we’ve helped you find the best pair of prescription goggles for you. Ready to make a purchase? Check out SwimOutlet’s guide on choosing the right diopter strength for your prescription, featuring an easy to use formula/calculator. Received your goggles? Take them for a swim and get ready to be able to see the clock again!